I have an advent 7211 laptop running on Vista and my speakers have a crackly sound. However when I use headphones or external speakers there is no problem.Any ideas how to fix it?

Try updating the driver for your audio setup. A good tool for this is Drivermax from innovative solutions. If this fails, you can go to the sound options in control panel a (MORE)
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How do you hear sounds on an iPod touch without headphones?

It should be able to play sounds and all with or with headphones... Try holding down the power button and turn it off completely then, turn it back on. If it doesnt work, try (MORE)
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When I'm wearing headphones the sound come out my speakers on the laptop when i get a message on skype. How do I stop this?

The same happens to me, and if you call someone, the other audio(eg music) plays in the internal speakers, while your call plays inthe headphones. I sent a message to the HP f (MORE)