How do you transfer SIM card data to an iPhone?

You can't do it on a new iPhone. You have to put them on your itunes. But if your iPhone allows installing third party software (when you have done a so called 'Jailbreak'), y (MORE)

Can you add an iphone line to your unlimited data plan on ATT?

The iPhone data plan is a requirement and this plan is $15.00/month for the DataPlus 200MB for iPhone or $25.00/month for the DataPro 2GB for iPhone, in addition to your voice (MORE)

Can you still use an Iphone with out a data plan?

Sure, but a lot of the "idea" of having an iPhone or any other smartphone will, in my opinion, be lost. Of course you can still surf the internet, download apps etc. when you (MORE)

How can I send picture messages from unlock iPhone 5 without AT and T data plan to other phone numbers I phone career is AT and T and I have unlimited text and call. I don't have data plan on it?

A 'data plan' is an agreed amount of data that can be sent from your phone - without being charged for it. Think of it like a call allowance for data. Even if you don't have (MORE)