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How was Japan governed?

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How many city government is in japan?

Japan are mainly Island and what we call cities are actually Prefectures. And it goes like this: Prefectures Subprefectural level Subprefectures Districts Municipal level Des

What type of government does Japan have?

Japan's government is a democratic parliamentary government, with aconstitutional monarchy as the head of state. Japan's Imperial roleis essentially only as a figurehead now,

Is japan a limited or unlimited government?

"A limited government is a constitutional government. A constitutional government makes sure that leaders of government do not misuse the powers they have been given. It insis

Was there ever a different government in Japan?

If you mean a different government than the one ruling today then the answer is certianly yes! The kingdom that eventually came to rule all of Japan was called Yamato and it

What government does Japan have?

Well, its government is a lot more complicated than ours. First of all, they are a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. Just to let you know, they still ha

What type of government is Japan?

Japan is a constitutional monarchy, governed by elected officials such as the Prime Minister and members of the Diet.

Why were the Fujiwara important to the government in Japan?

During the Heian Period, the Fujiwara family effectively controlled Japan's government through what is called a shikkenate. (Regency.) These Fujiwara Regents were the real pow

What is the government of Japan?

The Japanese government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. Although Japan has an emperor, his powers as the head of state are limited. The prime min