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How was the water diverted into the fields of Egypt kids?

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How do you divert water FROM under a house?

  Answer   Never divert water under a structure unless the plan is approved by a licensed engineer!     Water should be diverted away from, and around, the

Can you divert water onto your neighbors property?

Whether or not you can divert water onto your neighbor's property  depends on where you live. In most states, if you do something to  cause water to run onto your neighbors

How do you divert rain water?

  Purchase a diverter. They install in the downspout and have a float so when the barrell is full the float diverts back to the splash block. Usually about 30 dollars.

How was the water diverted into the fields of Egypt?

the water was diverted by digging ditches in the ground going through the fields, when the tied of the river raised then it would travel down these ditches, the ground would t