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How were Martin Luther's criticisms of the Catholic church similar to John Calvin?

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What were Martin Luther's belief in Catholic Church?

He wanted to reform corrupt practices and question traditions that seemed without basis. .    Catholic AnswerM. Luther's thoughts about the Catholic Church are contained

What were Martin Luther's complaints about the Catholic Church?

Martin Luther's complaints against the Roman Catholic Church were listed in the "95 Theses" he nailed the church door. Luther is supposed to have posted the 95 Theses on the d

What were all 95 of martin luther's criticisms of the Catholic church?

Here are all of his criticisms against the Catholic church. They are called the "95 theses" 1. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, when He said Poenitentiam agite, willed that

Why did Martin Luther and John Calvin protest against the Catholic Church?

Martin Luther opposed the Church because he felt he wasn't going to get saved by them. he thought the Catholic way of things was not going to get him into heaven. He said that

What were the similarities between john Calvin and martin Luther's beliefs?

Both Calvin and Luther believed that good works (actions to cancel out sins) were not necessary. Luther believed this because he thought one should ask God what to do for sins

What were Martin Luther's problems with the Catholic Church?

Many topics were covered in Martin Luther's 95 theses. His primary  disagreement with the Catholic church was the sale of indulgences.  Indulgences were certificates that pr

What were Martin Luther's ideas for the Catholic Church?

.   Catholic AnswerM. Luther's ideas were posted in his 95 Theses. See the link below.

Did John Calvin and Martin Luther break with the Catholic church?

Yes, John Calvin was a Frenchman who was tonsured at an early age,but left the Church and started the Reformed and Presbyteriantradition - that is the one that believes that G

What were Martin Luther's criticisms of the Roman Catholic church?

The largest thing was that several parts of the catholic mass were based on tradition not the bible. He criticized the books of James and Revelation (though they are both in t

Martin Luther's criticism of the Roman Catholic Church focused on what Church practice?

Martin Luther dreamed up his own religion out of thin air to suit himself, as Christianity was too hard for him to abide, so he made up his own religion which he, himself, sai

How did the Catholic Church react to Luther's criticism?

The Church reacted to Luther's criticism, as it has always done to any criticism of Faith or Morals, by proclaiming the Truth. Then, through dialogue, the Church attempts to s

What criticism did John Calvin have of the Catholic Church?

Calvin, like Luther, disagreed with the Roman Catholic concept of justification. Basically, they disagreed about how a person was saved. Calvin and Luther believed, based on p