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How were Martin Luther's criticisms of the Catholic church similar to John Calvin?

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What were Martin Luther's chief objections against the Roman Catholic Church?

Answer . You want all 95 of them?. In general, Martin Luther was against the supposition that the Pope could absolve sin by means other than granting abolution, such as by

How did Martin Luther's ideas differ from those expressed by the Catholic Church?

Luther was a Catholic Theologian that first got into serious trouble by writing and publishing against the Pope selling letters of pardon and teaching that you can buy your wa

Why did Martin Luther criticize the Catholic Church?

Because he thought that what some Catholic preachers where doing was wrong because it was not in accord with papal teaching on indulgences. .   Catholic Answer Martin Lut

What were all 95 of martin luther's criticisms of the Catholic church?

Here are all of his criticisms against the Catholic church. They are called the "95 theses" 1. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, when He said Poenitentiam agite, willed that

What were the similarities between john Calvin and martin Luther's beliefs?

Both Calvin and Luther believed that good works (actions to cancel out sins) were not necessary. Luther believed this because he thought one should ask God what to do for sins

What were Luther's criticisms of the Church?

  Martin Luther's criticism of the Catholic Church was written in a his famous pamphlet called "95 Theses". It was basically a critism against the indulgence which was put

What were five of Martin Luther's protests against the Catholic church?

Well one of them is that the bible was only in Latin and only the priest could read it. "Every true Christian, whether living or dead, has part in all the blessings of Christ

What was Martin Luther's stand against the Catholic Church?

Another answer from our community:    Martin Luther's "stand" against the Catholic Church was that the  Catholic Church stood for the Gospel and morality, and Martin 

What theological concerns prompted Martin Luther's challenge of the Catholic Church?

At the point when the Monk Martin Luther started the Protestant  renewal in the fifteenth Century, the Church was degenerate.  Doctrines had wormed in that were unbiblical a

Why did John Calvin dislike the Catholic Church?

John Calvin disliked the Roman Catholic Church because its priest were preaching an "infused" righteousness instead of the Biblical Gospel message of God's "forensic" righteou

How did Martin Luther criticize the Catholic Church?

Martin Luther was a strict literalist. The church had been, in his opinion, straying from the actual Biblical teachings and was using it's position to gain power over the comm

What criticism did John Calvin have of the Catholic Church?

Calvin, like Luther, disagreed with the Roman Catholic concept of justification. Basically, they disagreed about how a person was saved. Calvin and Luther believed, based on p