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How were resources and communication spread from southwest Asia to other parts of the world?

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Is Lebanon a part of southwest Asia?

Actually yes it is you see because the 'Middle East' is not a continent therefore is split between Europe and Asia and Lebanon just lies in the Border of Asia. If you look on

How did the spread of Islam affect southwest Asia?

The spread of Islam affected SouthWest Asia because it was making them change their religion and wanting them to worship their teachings and worship their god. Also, it was he

When did Greek language spread to Southwest Asia?

When Alexander the Great of Macedon conquered the Persian Empire in  the 300s BCE, the Greek language spread across the Middle East.  Greek language was eventually supersede

Is Cyrus a part of southwest Asia?

Cyrus was a Persian Emperor, making him part of the history of  Southwest Asia, but he is not part of the landmass itself.    If the question is asking about the count