How where native Americans' lands threatened?

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How did the native Americans lose their land?

Answer . Some was given to the settelers, some was purchased or taken by treaties that were either unfairly crafted, but most was taken without any form of compensation.

Why were the native Americans moved from their land?

To put it simply, the Native Americans were moved from their landbecause the white settlers from Europe wanted it. They were able tooverpower the Native Americans and force th

What land was reserved for native Americans?

The west was reserved for the Native Americans but the Americans kept on moving westward and kept forcing the Native Americans out of their territories or land. So it would be

Why did the native Americans leave their land?

The Amerindians were forced from their land to make room for farms and cities of the waves of European immigrants. Although treaties had guaranteed land to the native tribes,

What land did the native Americans claim?

Native Americans righfully claimed all lands in the America's(today known as North America, Central America and South America).This was confirmed by the courts of Europe in 15

Who were Native American civilizations threatened by?

Native American civilizations from the Inca empire to the Native Tribes of North America were threatened first by fighting amongst themselves. For example, the Incas conquered