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How will the change is sea level affect organism on earth?

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How does sea level affect the climate?

The sea level doesn't really affect the climate, it's the reverse of your question. The climate is able to affect sea level because if the climate were hot, then there would b

The earth is warming up - How will this affect the sea level?

 Warm water expands, so there will be some sea level rise from  this.   Floating ice at the North Pole will melt, but will have little  effect on sea levels, as the ic

How would a change in sea level have affected where people migrated?

It will affect them by distance. If the sea level decreased, the distance will be short and if the sea level increased then the distance will be long! As well, if the sea rise

How does changes on earth affect organisms?

Depends on how you look at it. Ex: Global Warming, polar bears die, what they eat will multiply in thousands. Too cold, plants die, little animals and herbivore die, then carn

How did the change in sea level affect coastlines?

Coastlines moved somewhat towards the centre of the continentor island. . Previous coastlines became wetter and their habitats changed tosupport sea creatures rather than lan

What Eustatic sea level change affects shorelines?

Warming (and thus expanding) water from the warming atmosphere, as well as water melting from glaciers and ice caps is causing the eustatic (world-wide) sea level change that
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Why are changes at the cellular level can ultimately affect the entire organism?

All of the work your body does is done at the cellular level. Oxygen may be taken into the lungs, but it is the cells that allow it to pass through into the capillaries and th