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Who married Ernie Pyle?

His wife's name was Geraldine, but she went by Jerry. They married in 1925 and divorced in 1942 for a year due to her mental illness and addiction to alcohol. They re-married

Private Pyle what is your major malfunction?

This quote is from the Stanley Kubrick film "Full Metal Jacket" . Spoken by the Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman just prior to being shot by recruit Private Leonard '

Did Ernie pyle have any kids?

no, his wife was mentally unstable....she tried to commit suicide twice and he wasn't home often enough

Who makes pyle pro?

The audio company Pyle. Pyle is also owned by Infinity. Pyle is NOT owned by Infinity. Infinity is a brand under Harman Audio. Pyle is owned by a parent company called Sou

How does dune grass change a sand dune?

Sand dunes are formed on the coast when waves carry sand onto the shoreline and the wind blows it into drifts. The sand gets trapped on plants such as Sand Couch and Marram Gr

How did Ernie Pyle die?

Ernie Pyle was shot by Japanese machine gun fire on Ie Shima.

What is a mature dune?

the mature is the oldest dunes found several hundered meteres from the shore. they are inhabited by several different plants not just Marram grass.

How a dunes form?

as the sand is loose if vegetation, amount and type of sand. sand is loose and will migrate (move), due to the wind. sand dunes mostly form when there is an obstacle, the sand