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How would the DNA of a fish compared to the DNA of a lion?

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Why do you have DNA?

DNA is the genetic code. Without DNA, we would just all be the same.

Compare the DNA in your brain cells to the DNA in your heart cells?

The DNA in brain cells and in heart cells are completely identical. Both types of cell come originally form stem cells, and therefore contain the exact same genetic material.

How does DNA compare to RNA structurally?

both have the same DNA , but rna repalces t with u , they both are helix shaped but DNA is a double helix. DNA is made from ribose, but the ribose in RNA has OH group on carb

How do you compare a DNA molecule to zipper?

Like a zipper a DNA molecule has two "spines" and jutting out  "teeth" that lock together to join the spines.   When DNA replicates, it "unzips".

Where did we get our DNA from?

Our DNA is inherited from our parents half from your mother and half from your father, you may resemble your parents but your never alike.  

Where do you get your DNA?

  DNA is found within the chromosomes of a cell nucleus.

What is a DNA?

DNA are little alien's (DN Aliens). -Actually they are what is carried in the chromosome from man to women, and they contain domestic traits.

What does the DNA do?

It is like a big book containing all the information of a being, you find it in every cell's nucleus. Specialized cell agents enter the nucleus, copy the pages then translat

Compare and contrast RNA and DNA-?

RNA is in bacterial organisms. DNA is in living organisms, like humans and cats. However, both are the 'data strips' for both types of beings.
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What has DNA?

  Answer   As I understand it DNA is the basic building block of all organic life and allows the life processes of all creatures to function on a cellular and multi-c

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What does DNA do?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that carries the genetic information needed to construct cells. It is also capable of self-replication and synthesizing ribonucle
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Compare DNA replication and transcription?

the main difference between transcription and DNA replication is that transcription results in the formation of one-single stranded RNA molecule rather than a double - strande