How would you describe the characters in the movie Fack Ju Gothe?

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How would you describe a personal character?

a personal character is a characteristic that only you have. A trait that you inherited from your parents that only you have. Whisch is different from what everyone has. If yo

How would you describe Charlie Chaplin's character?

Charlie Chaplin's most famous character was 'The Tramp.' He wasconsidered by most to be lovable, bumbling, and quite gentlemanly.Although he attempted to make an honest living

How would you describe a character?

well it realy depends weather you want to make your character scary or happy witchy or sad there are all sorty of differant ways to do this

How would you use symbols to describe a character?

You can describe a character in any fashion you wish. Using symbols just means that you are going to tie the character to something which will symbolize a personality trait o

What is the goth character in sonic?

well, i guess you could call Shadow the Hedgehog goth. Hes not very sociable, prefers to be alone, and can control chaos. he was created by Dr. Robotnick (Eggman's grandfather

How would you describe a goth person?

Click the link to learn how to describe people. For a goth person, you need to put down what makes them goth as opposed to some other type of person.

How would you describe Character Traits about yourself?

Truthfully, you might have to be consciences about everything you are doing! It will take work, but eventually you might reach a point in which you feel you know yourself as a