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How do you hook up a DVD player VCR and TV through a cable box?

  Answer     I reommend getting a Home Theatre unit which everything would go to and then that routes to the TV. So basically, all inputs go the to Home Theatre (MORE)

How do you hook up a DVD recorder to a tv with one cable?

  The only 1 cable solution that carries both audio and video signals, including HD signals is an HDMI cable.  However, there is a 99% probability that your DVD recorder (MORE)

Hook up tv pvr DVD?

First, run the coaxial cable from the wall to the PVR. Then, hook  the coaxial cable from the PVR directly to the TV. Now take the DVD  players RCA or HDMI plug, whichever y (MORE)

How to Hook Up TW Cable Box to new TV?

I have had TWC cable and RR for many years. My TV has just broken down and I just recently purchased a 40 inch Sony Bravia HD TV! My TWC box has two wires to connect in and on (MORE)

What is a cable that can hook up a mp3 to a tv?

If you are trying to get just music/sound then you just need a cable with rca cables on one end and headphone jack on the other end, plug into the red and white INPUT on your (MORE)

How do you hook up HD cables to a TV?

i THINK there are two ways for different kinds of ways.(I might be wrong so dont hate and try lol) First look in the back of the TV you can find a place to plug the HD cables (MORE)

How do you hook up converter box and DVD to a TV with only one cable plug?

I assume you are talking a DVD player, not a DVD recorder. If you have a newer TV, you should have multiple inputs that can be used for either device: composite inputs, compon (MORE)