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Jailbroken iPod Touch stuck on recovery mode. I can't restore it with iTunes or reboot it like normal.?

try putting it in duf mode.( if it doesnt make a sound on your computer then you have to time it.) if u dnt know how to do it. hold the top and bottem butten Dow for 10 secs t (MORE)
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Ipod touch 3G 3.1.2 blackra1n recovery mode every reboot?

When it says reboot click reboot then it probably says plug into itunes so you plug it into your computer, open blackra1n and click make it rain and then you can do that and y (MORE)
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How do you get more gigabytes on your iPod touch?

They only way i know of is to buy an ipod with more space. Come to think of it have the same problem i have a 8gb ipod touch and i have only 2.0gb left and i only have 397 son (MORE)
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How to you get an ipod touch out of recovery mode?

Well my ipod 32gb 3rd generation ipod touch's screen started to flash so i shut the whole thing down and turned it back on and it came to a screen saying plug into ur itunes o (MORE)