What would cause losing water pressure in the entire house Sometimes it fine other times it starts off fine and then trickles to a stop and sometimes when turning on the faucet nothing comes out.?

Answer . Is the water pressure poor at peak use times, ie, mornings before work and school? This could be caused by huge demand on the water supply systems at this time es (MORE)
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My semen color used to be grey but now it appears to be yellowish also i notice sometimes if i have masturbate after 30-40 days there are small jelly like lumps in the semen.Is there any abnormality?

If you experience pain or swelling you should most certainly go to the doctor immediately. They will test you for common STDs, the most likely suspected one being a strain of (MORE)

During booting time your CPU fan is moving for sometime and also stops and starts and stops nothing is coming. Monitor shows a red light so what has happened and what is the solution?

If your CPU fan starts and stops, and the monitor's activity light stays red or amber when it is usually supposed to be green, that would likely be the motherboard. You could (MORE)
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If you have been living alone for along time due to unwanted circumstances you don t have any love life and got used to have fantasys and masturbate you don t feel like doing it anymore is that bad?

i really don t think it s bad at all if by force to you and under the circumstances you live in for a long time you were forced to live alone and not been able to have a love (MORE)