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I am flying a pregnant woman and her husband to the US from Sweden and she's going to be 33 weeks pregnant when they leave how can I get her insured while she's here?

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Why would a woman leak breast milk if she's not pregnant?

Perhaps there are many possible factors such as: 1. GROWTH HORMONES (GH) or somatotrophin and chicken prolactin/ovine prolactin administered by the poultry manufacturing indus

Is it okay to ejaculate inside your partner while she's pregnant?

    Answer     My husband did and it was fine. As a matter of fact when she is close to her due date if you have sex and ejaculate inside her, it will help h

If a woman begins to show when she's 5 weeks pregnant is it possible she could be carrying multiples?

  It is certainly a possibilty, but it is more likely the cause is bloating. Usually you do not start "showing" until at least 3 months @ 5 weeks the Embryo is very very t

How can an overweight woman with PCOS find out if she's pregnant?

I didn't want to post a lengthy question so I'm putting it here. I am 27, overweight, and have all kinds of symptoms of pregnancy. I've been to the doc and had a pregnancy tes

Can a guy leave his girlfriend if she's pregnant?

  Of course, just have to be responsible for the baby when its born and even during pregnancy. A child is not a chain to anyone, you stay in a relationship with someone be