If you got an student loan and your account have no balance do you get the money back?

Depending on your school's financial aid policy/ies, if you owe no money on your student account for tuition, fees, housing, etc., then you will probably receive whatever mone (MORE)

Is a person in default of a loan if they were never sent the paperwork to sign meaning the bank screwed up and does not have a signed contract for a car loan?

If you filled out and signed a loan application form and got the money, what do you think? Of course you are in default. Your case will be even weaker if you have made payment (MORE)
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What paperwork will you need to apply for a cheap loan?

You need to bring to the loan application process the following paperwork: verification of income (income tax returns & W-2 forms from recent years, pay stubs from recent week (MORE)