Can your UK bought LG TV work in the US if you only use it with a cable box?

It is quite possible that a UK or European television will operate in the US but there are several issues that may prevent it working.. First, US mains voltage is 110V agains (MORE)
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Convert a direct tv box to cable?

i have a direct tv samsung dvr 2 channel, i want to hook it up to my basic cable. i dont have a cable box just a coax cord. all i want to do is record my programs. please help (MORE)
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Is Direct TV cable or satellite?

Direct TV uses a satellite dish to give programming that rivals the best cable packages at much cheaper prices. They use a Whole home DVR that can be accessed from anywhere to (MORE)
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How does the direct tv dvr work?

Direct TV DVR works in the same way as any other DVR service. You use your remote to record a program or movie and look for it in the place where the recordings are stored for (MORE)

How do you hookup a cable box to a tv?

All Cable TV receivers are a little different. Look at the back of the Cable box receiver and you should see a coaxial out (TV out) or a HDMI port (TV out-for HD Programming). (MORE)
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What brands are there of cable TV boxes?

Sabrent and Motorola are a couple of the most popular cable box brands. You can purchase these cable box brands on several websites online. New Egg sells many of these boxes (MORE)