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How do you put music on a sd card?

Open "My Computer." (if you want to put music from itunes onto it open itunes aswell) . drag the music you want from itunes into your SD card in "My Computer" . And that's a (MORE)

How do you get music on your micro sd card?

Follow these instructions to transfer music to micro sd card: 1. Start by inserting the Micro-SD card into the SD adapter. 2. Insert the SD adapter into the card reader. Now, (MORE)

How do you remove protetion of an sd card?

FIRST OFF!!....look at the opposite side of the little white switch there should be a notch(small opening) ...cover it with tape...but make sure that it doesnt cover the bronz (MORE)

How do you install music on to an SD card?

While this depends on the medium used for it (IE, a computer running Windows 7 as opposed to Mac OS X), it usually works as follows (though note this is only answering for usi (MORE)

How do get music on your sd card?

If your SD card is inserted into your computer then click the start button in the bottom left corner and go up to my computer. Open your card "Secure Digital Card" and navigat (MORE)