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I have a cisco wireless router hooked into a Verizon dsl. If I go wireless I need a adapter and a ethernet to usb dongle. Or run 50' of ethernet cable. Would it connect with a 1-2 splitter?

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Do you need a Ethernet Router and Wireless Router?

Depends on the type of network you want build. Say you have an office building where the employees don't move around alot,. then an ethernet router is best. But if you have a

Can a wireless router plug into an Ethernet?

Yes, you can plug a wireless router in an ethernet. But don't forget to use the wireless router internet port when you are connecting to an ethernet. Should the question no

Is there a wireless Ethernet cable?

A cable is a wire and therefore cannot be wireless. There are wireless routers that transmit the same information wirelessly however. You need a wireless router and a wireless

Can you plug a wireless ethernet USB adapter into a USB hub?

\nIn short, yes you can, but some devices require more power than others to function properly so you may see a drop in performance or range but yes, the device SHOULD function

Is an Ethernet cable as good as wireless connection?

Yes a lot better. Wireless connection is just connivence, for performance there is no other way to go but ethernet. wireless runs at about 1 mbps while ethernet usually runs a

Do you need Ethernet cable to go wireless on ps3?

No the first part of the connection process on the PS3 searches for an ethernet connection, once it does not find one it then searches for a wireless connection