I have a cisco wireless router hooked into a Verizon dsl. If I go wireless I need a adapter and a ethernet to usb dongle. Or run 50' of ethernet cable. Would it connect with a 1-2 splitter?

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Do you need a wireless adapter to connect a wireless router?

What do you mean? On a Game Boy, On a Nintendo DS, on a computer, laptop, T.V. I don't really no this stuff. I am only a Nintendo DS expert. Any questions on that?? -Scabs If you are connecting your desktop computer to a wireless router, then you will probably need a wireless adapter. Most laptops ( Full Answer )

Do you need a Ethernet Router and Wireless Router?

Depends on the type of network you want build. Say you have an office building where the employees don't move around alot,. then an ethernet router is best. But if you have a sales flood with laptops always on the move then you need a wireless router. Or if you have both in your buliding then both w ( Full Answer )

Can you connect a 2-wire DSL wireless modem router to a cable modem?

Not directly. To create a local wireless ethernet network connected to a cable modem a Wireless Ethernet Router Box (WERB) would be required. It connects to the Cable Modem (CM) using an ethernet cable. If all you want is to have a local wireless ethernet network, the WERB would do that for you a ( Full Answer )

Can a wireless router plug into an Ethernet?

Yes, you can plug a wireless router in an ethernet. But don't forget to use the wireless router internet port when you are connecting to an ethernet. Should the question not be "Can an ethernet cable plug into a wireless router?". If so, then yes it can. Usually there are a few ethernet ports on ( Full Answer )

Is there a wireless Ethernet cable?

A cable is a wire and therefore cannot be wireless. There are wireless routers that transmit the same information wirelessly however. You need a wireless router and a wireless receiver.

If your PC is connected with wireless can you connect your ps3 with an Ethernet cable from your PC?

The ethernet cable should come from a modem or router. The plug for you PC is likely the one that would go to the router or modem from your PC. Just as the PS3 has the ability to be either Wired or WiFi so do some computers and that is why they have a spot for an ethernet cable. The PS3 has Network ( Full Answer )

Can you plug a wireless ethernet USB adapter into a USB hub?

\nIn short, yes you can, but some devices require more power than others to function properly so you may see a drop in performance or range but yes, the device SHOULD function to a reasonable extent using a usb hub.

Is an Ethernet cable as good as wireless connection?

Yes a lot better. Wireless connection is just connivence, for performance there is no other way to go but ethernet. wireless runs at about 1 mbps while ethernet usually runs at about 30 mbps depending on the cord and network.

What is the difference between the Ethernet cable and wireless?

Wireless is just that; it's a wireless connection to your modem or router, which works by sending information through the air, much like cell phones or radio. By that same token, it is subject to interference, and people other than yourself may be able to remotely access your Internet connection if ( Full Answer )

How do you connect the wireless router to a dsl modem?

via ethernet cable. then go in your web browser and type in the default ip address for your router OR run the setup program that came with your router. Default Ip addresses: Linksys: D-link/Netgear: If your wireless router is not any of those. Simply search "default ip ( Full Answer )

What is an Ethernet cable splitter use for?

An ethernet cable splitter is used to simplify the amount of ethernet cable needed when connecting more than one computer to a network. Ethernet cable splitters are not needed for only one computer.

How does one connect Ethernet cable splitter?

"An ethernet cable splitter allows you to connect two computers to one ethernet connection. Once you have your splitter made, you plug it into both computers just as you would with a normal ethernet cable."

Is a wireless dongle interchangeable with an Ethernet cable?

Not sure exactly what you mean, if the ethernet cord connects to the wireless adapter then yes. (Or the wireless dongle plugs into the ethernet port). Can you unplug one then use the other then yes. If you mean can you use a USB wireless dongle and the ethernet connected to the same network then ( Full Answer )

What is needed to connect Ethernet and internet through a DSL or cable modem?

First you must have an internet service provider and it then depends on what equipment they have provided. An ethernet cable will connect to a modem or a router and go to the device for a wired connection. I used a Cat 6 ethernet cable and a router to split the signal from my first cable modem to a ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase a wireless Ethernet router?

You can purchase it in a normal electronic market in your own city or in the internet at differenct markets or shops. You can try them out. But always be aware that they are serious.

Where can one buy an Ethernet wireless adapter?

One can buy an Ethernet wireless adapter at most electronics stores, including Best Buy and Radio Shack. One can also buy an Ethernet wireless adapter through websites such as Newegg and Geeks.

Can you connect an wireless to ethernet to ethernet?

A wireless device can be connected to Ethernet by using an Ethernet to wireless bridge. This allows the wireless signal to be converted into a physical connection where it can be passed on to other Ethernet devices.