I want to get color changing paint for my car like in csi Miami what is it called?

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Do the new car paints oxidize like the old paint used to and if so which colors oxidize the most and which the least?

Answer . No, automotive paints do not oxidize as older ones did.Today's paint's are mostly basecoat clearcoat's to protected the colors from fading or oxidizing.But some co

Should you repaint your car if you just want to change the color?

Unless you know of some magical way to change the colour without painting... :P. If you don't want to paint the car, you could always modify the exterior such as changing the

What is it called when a car changes colors when it moves what kind of paint is it?

It's called iridescence. The color changes when the angle between the light source, the painted surface, and your eye changes. So it changes not only when the car moves but wh

What is CSI Miami about?

CSI:Miami is about a team of CSI's who are lead by Horatio Caine(played by David Caroso, with his sunglasses and one-liners) while they investigate various crimes in Miami, Fl