I watched dr phil's show sept 1 2008 on child custody if your a non custodial parent and havent seen you child but 4 mths in 5 yrs and have no money to afford an atty what do you do?

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What do you about support when you are the non-custodial parent and the custodial parent wants to hand over the child to you?

They can't simply "give the child to you." You need to return to the court and have the custody order modified so you'll have legal custody. It will go easier if the current custodial parent consents to the modification. At that time the current support order should be terminated and you can reque ( Full Answer )

What constitutes abandonment by a non-custodial parent who has not paid court-ordered child support nor seen the child in 5 years?

Answer . \nThere are a few states that have laws which pertain directly to the designation of parental abandonment. The majority of states make such rulings on the individual case circumstances. There is a great deal of difference in abandonment by a parent who is absent from the child's life an ( Full Answer )

In Massachusetts can a child who is almost 15 make his own decision to stay with a non-biological parent who has had permanent custody of the child for 14 yrs?

no. . Just doing the math I can assume the child was taken away from the person he/she wants to live with since the child is 15, and the person had custody for 14 years prior.\nThat being said -\n. \nNo - you can't make your own decision. You are a minor according to law, and all decisions are ( Full Answer )

In Colorado what can a custodial parent do when a teenage child wants to live with non custodial parent?

Answer . First, check out the logic of the child's "want." Does it make sense to you and your ex for this to happen? Could the other parent be more appropriate for day-to-day raising of a teenager? For example, common wisdom is that if the child is a teenage boy, it might be for the best for him t ( Full Answer )

A non custodial parent has visitation during the summer but refuses to have the child return home to custodial parent Child is 13 yrs old and in a diff state?

Going thru the same thing right now it is parental kidnapping, contact your local police and file charges immediately. http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/publications/NC75.pdf. That link explains everything you need to know and all the laws involved in the matter. If I can be of further assistance co ( Full Answer )

Can you collect child support on a child that is 12 yrs old in Missouri that the non-custodial parent has never paid child support on?

If you have a court ordered agreement then I know in Missouri the state will garnish wages or tax refunds to begin to recoup some of the money. However if you have not received a child support agreement and you want to then you have to go in to the state and request for a child support hearing. This ( Full Answer )

Can a non custodial parent get custody when they pay child support?

No. Paying child support is not a reason in and of itself for the court to change the custody order. The parent who wants custody must petition the court for custody and have a very good reason to compel the court to make such a substantial change. They would need to provide evidence that here has b ( Full Answer )

You are the non-custodial parent your 18 yr old daughter has been living with you for 5 years do the custodial parent have to pay child support and how is this done?

You didn't state where you live, but if you're in the US (and without knowing what state).... Five years ago you should have petitioned for custody and child support, but since you didn't do it then and the child is 18 now (no longer a minor), there's likely nothing you can do. Call a local attorney ( Full Answer )

How close can a non custodial parent live to the child and the custodial parent?

I would assume that as long as there were not restraing orders or orders of protection against either the custodial parent or the child, the non custodial parent could live any where they wanted. As long as no ones rights are violated, and there is no danger to the child or either parent, I wouldn't ( Full Answer )

If a non custodial parents has not seen there child in eight years what are your right as primary parent?

According to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services study, "Survey of Absent Parents" over 60% of mothers regularly violate the access rights of fathers, cutting off all contact between the children and their fathers within five years. Unlike child support, mothers are not jailed, even with multipl ( Full Answer )

What does the non-custodial parent need from custodial parent to take child out of the country for vacation?

Signature on the Visa Application and a notarized letter of permission. As a precaution, take the letter to the Clerk of the court to be Certified and make several a copies of. Have the original placed in the case file. This way it is in there in case she tries a last minute injunction to stop you f ( Full Answer )

Do you have to pay Child Support if you have 4 kids and one of the kids is with the non custodial parent?

You have to pay child support for any of your children that does not live with you. So if you have 3 kids that live with you and one kid that lives with your ex you would be responsible for paying child support for the one child that lives with your ex. However, you only have to pay, legally, when a ( Full Answer )

Does custodial parent have to pay any child support to non custodial parent?

Well actually, it depends. A non-custodial parent can still have liberal, defined visitation and if that parent, say has 3 days a week or every weekend, and their income is vastly lower than the income of the custodial parent then there would be an avenue in many states where that 'non-custodial' pa ( Full Answer )

What is the distance the custodial parent can move a child away from the non custodial parent?

There is no set distance. The situation may need to be reviewed by the court if the move will cause a hardship regarding visitations with the non-custodial parent. The child cannot be moved to another state without a court approval. You need to consult with your attorney or an advocate at the court ( Full Answer )

Can the custodial parent get counsleing for the child without non custodial parent permission?

Yes. As long as the parents do not have joint legal custody the custodial parent has the legal right to make that decision. Yes. As long as the parents do not have joint legal custody the custodial parent has the legal right to make that decision. Yes. As long as the parents do not have joint lega ( Full Answer )

You are the non custodial parent. The child has been living with you for months and the non custodial parent has not tried to visit the child at all. How do you get legal custody?

You can petition the court for a modification of the custody order. For such an important issue you should contact an attorney who specializes in custody cases. The attorney can review your situation, explain your rights and options and present the most compelling evidence to the court on your behal ( Full Answer )

What is the child abandonment law in Arkansas concerning non custodial parents who pays child support but has not seen the child in 5 years?

The parent has not completely abandoned their child if they are paying child support. There may be acceptable reasons why the parent has not maintained a physical presence in their child's life so abandonment cannot be assumed or so ordered based on that. You are free to petition the court for an ab ( Full Answer )

How can we help a 5 year old child when her mother non custodial parent says her father custodial parent is not taking care of her properly?

You don't say who you are in relation to the child and her mother but I would not trust what the mother says blindly. Clearly there might be issues between her and the father. If you see for yourself the child is being abused or not taken care of you can report it to the Child Protective Service. If ( Full Answer )

What can be done if non custodial parent refuses to let custodial parent talk with the child?

During the non-custodial parent's time of visitation or custody? Unless otherwise outlined in the original order custody/visitation order, nothing. However, you do have the right to file for modification of the order outlining your right to speak with the child when he/she is in physical custody of ( Full Answer )

Can a custodial parent stop the non custodial parents visitation if they are behind on child support?

No. Visitation and child support are 2 separate issues and changing any of the court orders you have to go back to the court that issued them. There might be good reasons why a parent can not pay all of a sudden and denying the child a parent because of it is not in the best interest of the child. V ( Full Answer )

Is it against the law to keep the non custodial parent away from the child because custodial parent wants more money and a new girlfriend?

It's illegal to go against the court order for custody or visitation so if that is what the parents is doing they can actually lose custody if not stopping. If they want more child support they have to petition the court and ask for a modification. It might work or might not. None of the parents can ( Full Answer )

Can a custodial parent who lost custody get custody of the child back when still owing child support to the non-custodial parent who now has custody?

There must be a significant change in circumstances. You can petition the court and request a modification of the custody order. Your arrears will remain and you must pay them. There must be a significant change in circumstances. You can petition the court and request a modification of the custody ( Full Answer )

Can you offer a non custodial parent money to sign his rights away for a child?

It's the court who decides whether he is allowed to terminate them or not and they would not allow it for that reason. And he would still have to pay child support. The court would probably wonder if you were a fit parent by trying to take the other parent away from the child. The court see it as in ( Full Answer )