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You are 16 years old can my stepfather adopt me?

  Its complicated. In order for you to be adopted by him right now your biological father would have to relinquish all his rights to you (unless he is no longer living the (MORE)

What rights does the biological father have when you are pregnant an want to consider adoption?

  The biological father has the right to pursue custody of the child if you do not want this. In most cases, failure to notify the biological father could derail later ado (MORE)

If the biological father has not signed the birth certificate or affidavit of parentage and has given no support towards the child would a judge be likely to agree to an adoption by the stepfather?

Not without him being contacted as there's a high rate of mothers lying about this. They are receiving cash child support payments while telling everyone they are getting not (MORE)

Your husband wants to adopt your child but he is not the biological father. The father's name is not on the birth certificate. What should you do?

It probably is the case then that he can do so without the biological father signing off. You would need to get some legal advice to follow up on adoption.      Cla (MORE)

How can your husband adopt your child in the state of MN if the biological father has no contact?

You may attempt to contact the biological father to request he give up his parental rights. If he is willing to do this, any family law attorney can process the paperwork. I (MORE)