There is No father on birth certificate can stepfather adopt?

If the birth father has paid no support and has had no contact with the child for one year, the stepfather may adopt in most states without permission of the birth father. How (MORE)

Child has had no contact with bio father in 3.5 years. Child is 4 and stepfather wants to adopt. Bio father will not voluntary terminate rights. What is the process to have step father adopt?

Ring the Dept for chid Protective Services and ask for relevant forms. They will also let u know of family court forms u need to submit. There is alot involved and some legal (MORE)

In the state of Massachusetts if a biological father is unaware of a child and the child is adopted by his stepfather is the bio dad responsible for any back child support?

Well if the Bio father is unaware of the baby then I don't believe he has to pay child support because the mom decided that the father didn't need to know about the child and (MORE)
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If a child is adopted by stepfather does biological father still pay child support?

The biological father may only stop paying child support under oneof the following four circumstances: Death of the child; the childturns 18 and decides not to pursue higher e (MORE)