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Are there certain seasons for sand dollars?

NO.I would not say a certain season, but there is a certain tide that is good for finding sand dollars. the best tide to look for them is low tide
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What should you do when your child has been diagnosed with Oppositional defiance disorder?

Once the child has been diagnosed with ODD or Oppositional Defiance Disorder, the doctor usually recommends a list of behavior modification techniques as a form or therapy or (MORE)

Have been paying child support for 9 years for a child that is not mine and have the DNA test to prove it do you have a legal right to stop payments?

No.    In 30 states, you had a 24 month limit to learn you were not the father. In the other 20, it does not matter, period. Sue for custody. While you can't stop th (MORE)

How do you paint a bicycle frame which has been sanded?

Depends on what result you want. First off wipe it down real carefully with a degreaser to get it squeaky clean. Then suspend bike so that you have all round access to paint i (MORE)
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What causes sand?

Erosion of rock, coral and shells and mechanical abrasion from animals feeding on those things.
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Do you have to prime your wall after the plastering and sanding been done?

Assuming you mean 'drywall', the answer is YES. The porosity of the plaster joints is very different from the paper areas, and you must have a primer coat to seal the surface. (MORE)
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Have sand dunes been known to migrate?

Sand Dunes erode over time usually, however, in the desert it is possible for sand from one dune to be blown off and form another dune. Over time that single dune could "migra (MORE)
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How do you prove that sand is not a fluid?

A fluid is a substance that continually deforms when shear force is applied to it. Which sand does. Sand can also be moved with fluid handling equipment like pumps, pipes, hos (MORE)