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Can a father sign his rights of his child to the grandparents or must he sign them to the mother of the child or just sign them away period?

it depends, what your situation is, is she asking you to give her full custody?because your not being the father she wants you to be,and she don't want you to be in his life. (MORE)
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Can a child age 15 choose to live with grandparents if they he cant get along with his mother?

The first choice needs to be a separated father, but a teens point of view on "getting along" is often skewed. They interpret fact and events from their limited life experien (MORE)
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If a child has lived with her mother who has had primary physical custody for 11 years and at the age of 16 decides that she is leaving does the mother have any rights?

Simply, the answer is yes. A parent is legally liable for the actions of their child, child be define as "until the legal consenting age of 18". There are certain instances th (MORE)
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What happens to you as a father if the mother wants to sign right of your child to the child's grandparents?

The mother cannot sign away your rights. You should seek legal advice. The matter of legal custody of your child must be addressed by a court and your rights must be include (MORE)
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Can stepfather get temporary custody of child while mother incarcerated?

You haven't included enough detail. If there is a biological father in the picture who hasn't been determined to be an unfit parent then he may be favored to have custody if h (MORE)