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Can a person collect unemployment benefits while on short term disability in IL?

  Private Disability Insurance   Private disability insurance includes sickness and accident payments, long-term disability, and short-term disability. This insurance (MORE)

Can a person collect long term disability benefits while on social security disability in IL?

The state you live in will not impact your eligibility to receive Disability benefits from a Long-Term disability policy. Therefore, Yes you are able to collect Long-Term Disa (MORE)

Can a person collect unemployment benefits while on long term disability in Virginia?

According to the Related Link below, to be eligible for unemployment you have to be available to go to work immediately with no restrictions on your ability to work (among oth (MORE)

Can you get Unemployment if I am terminated from job when i was out on long term disability?

The unemployment office will look at the reasons for your termination. If you were let go because of a lack of work, reduction in force, or because your leave was exhausted an (MORE)