If fecal matter gets into the urinary tract of an adult female causing bladder infections why is the same not true of female infants?

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Can a female give a male a urinary tract infection through unprotected sexual intercourse?

Yes, two such examples are STDs, such as syphilis and gonorrhea. Just to clarify, syphilis and gonorrhea are sexually transmitted infections, but are not the cause of urina

What causes urinary tract infections?

Urinary tract infections is commonly caused by bacteria that enterthe urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply in thebladder. The infection can be treated with

What are the causes of a urinary tract infection?

The most common causes of an UTI (urinary tract infection) in children are: 1. an uncircumcised penis 2. poor hygiene 3. anatomical anomalies within the urinary tract. Essenti

What is the cause of urinary tract infection?

The cause of urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria gets intothe urine from the urethra and travels into the bladder. If leftuntreated it can also travel to the kidneys.

Can urinary tract infection cause upper urinary tract?

Yes, lower urinary infections in the bladder can travel upwards tobecome a much more serious kidney infection, known aspyelonephritis. While you can kill inflammation by using

What can cause Urinary Tract Infection?

1. Bacterial infection. 2.Fungal infection. 3.viral infections 4. unhygenic use in unclean liquids/water are the main causes. There are many causes 1. fungal infection, whic