If you are receiving full disability from your own work experience can you apply for your first husband's disability when you are divorced from your second husband?

Are you talking about Social Security Disability? It would depend on if you were married 10 years or longer and how much your receiving compared to what you might get on your (MORE)
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If you are on full disability and you need pain medication can workmans comp make you drive two hours to work to find light duty?

If your employer forces employees to work in a light duty status when injured on duty then they also have to offer light duty work to employees with non-work related injuries. (MORE)

What can you do if you are disabled and have no insurance and need help with medical bills?

Answer . People who become disabled from an illness or injury are generally elibible for SSD or SSI depending upon their individual circumstances. When a person qualifies f (MORE)

Do you need to turn in disability from a disability insurance on your federal taxes?

The answer depends upon how you paid the premium. If you paid the premium entirely yourself using after tax dollars, the benefit is completely tax free. If you paid thro (MORE)

Why do you need disability insurance?

You rely on your income to pay your bills: mortgage, rent, car payment, utilities, groceries, etc. You need your income to save money for retirement and future emergency situa (MORE)