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If i work from 830 to 530 and get paid every week how much my check will be?

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Do i get a pay check every week working at Wendy's?

I work at Wendys. You will not be payed your first week but you will be payed every week after. So when you quite they can hold you to work there for 2 weeks so that they can

How much does a video game designer get paid every week?

That's a pretty vague job title, and unless they made a game entirely on their own they'd be getting a flat rate from their employer. You'd make more as a teacher or night-shi

How much do chiefs get paid every week?

Not sure how much Chiefs get paid but Chefs average salaries are such: U.S. Chef salaries by years of experience. / Less than 1 year$27,000 - $40,452 / 1-4 years$35,089 -