If im pregnant and i take the morning after pill what could happen?

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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex but took the morning after pill two days later?

Answer . I believe the morning after pill can be taken up to 72 hours after intercouse and still be effective. It is MORE effective the sooner you take it. I've heard you can only get pregnant in one 12-hour period on the 14th day after your period, so if that's correct, you're probably ok. Bu ( Full Answer )

U had unprotected sex. A few days later u had unprotected sex again but feel the need to take the morning after pill. Would the pill be harmful to ur body if there is a chance u could be pregnant?

I suggest taking a pregnancy test first to even see if your pregnant. If you are then you should go to a doctor and discuss the approach you want to take in solving this problem. Even if you weren't pregnant i suggest you go to a doctor to ask them further questions on the morning pill for future re ( Full Answer )

You have taken morning after pill had 2 normal periods then missed your 3rd what is the chance im pregnant?

There is a small chance that you are pregnant. Because the morning after pill is a form of birth control, it puts the same amount of hormones in your body equivalent to that of 2-3 birth control pills. That means there is a stronger dosage in a shorter time span and your body has to adjust. As with ( Full Answer )

Stopped taking the contraceptive pill 4 days ao could i be pregnant?

Hi,. You wouldn't be ovulating this soon after stopping birth control so there isn't any chance you would of conceived yet. After you experience the withdrawal bleed, then your body will begin to ovulate on its own. After this time you can conceive.. However if you've missed 4 pills in birth contr ( Full Answer )

If pre-ejaculate fluid goes in you and and you take the morning after pill can you be pregnant?

there are no fail-prove methods to contraceptions.. Although pre-cum may contain only secretion from the Cowper's gland, but there is a chance that there is sperm from previous discharge or small amount of sperm in it.. Morning after pill regulates your body hormones to control your ovulation and ( Full Answer )

Can you be pregnant if im on the pill but had diarrahea?

If you are on the pill and have diarrhea there can be a disturbance in the process. of the pill , so if you have had sex in the middle of the disturbance there is a possible chance you could be pregnant!

Im On The Pill could i become pregnant without using a condom?

You can always become pregnant (unless you are physically incapable of bearing children). Condoms and the pill only reduce the risk of pregnancy, but there is no method to prevent pregnancy completely besides getting your reproductive organs removed.

Can you still get pregnant if you took the morning after pill?

For greater chances of not getting pregnant you have to take it 3 days after you had sex and think you might get pregnant. But you can take it after 3 days, 5 days the most but will not guarantee you won't get pregnant YES! All the morning after pill is is high levels or birth control to prevent ovu ( Full Answer )

My boyfriend keeps pretending to put a condom on when he hasn't im 16 I don't want to get pregnant im on the pill is there any Chance i still can could get pregnant?

Yes - you can still get pregnant while taking birth control pills; especially if you are taking any other medications.. It is important that your boyfriend wear a condom to protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Remember that when you have sex, you can catch any STD's that all of his parters a ( Full Answer )

What happens if you take diet pills while pregnant?

first of all, why would you want to take diet pills while you are pregnant:? the whole idea of being pregnant is to eat, gain weight, eat enough to make sure your child is happy. and healthy. taking diet pills would be bad for you and def the un born baby. you would most likely end up with a miscarr ( Full Answer )

If you missed 5 birth control pills and took the morning after pill and missed your period could you still get pregnant?

Yes. Plan B does not guarantee that you are not/will not get pregnant. First of all, Plan B only works if taken within 72 hours of the first time you had unprotected sex (and the sooner, the better). So if you took Plan B five days after you had unprotected sex, it will not work. Also, as mention ( Full Answer )

If you stopped taking my birth control pill for a week0 and have unprotected sex could you be pregnant?

it depends every person is different honestly you may or may not be but you will not kow until like a month after your period is supposed to be there trust me im 3 months prego and i had symptoms like tiredness, not peeing offten but a little more then i did....like i would pee maybe 3 times a day a ( Full Answer )

What happens when you take pain pills while pregnant?

it depends on how far along are u .. and how much u r taking. during pregnancy its always best to take tylenol for pain. If u only took one pill you'll be fine , talk to ur doctor.

I am taking the cerazette birth control pill but im always late taking it and i have had unprotected sex more than once could i be pregnant?

hi iam a 24 married woman and it has been 3 years that i marry so far i don't have child iam really upset well iam going to tell you all my detail actually it has been 5 year that my menses iam period is not regular so i start my treatment when i got marry after 3 months of my marriage i took lots ( Full Answer )

Im on the pill but Im worried I could I be pregnant?

Well you didnt give much detail but all I can say is get a pregnancy test I would go to the doctor for one but store bought ones are ok i guess. I might be in the same situation and im going to get mine hopefully im not i could understand how you feel. But I would just say go find out if you actuall ( Full Answer )

If im not pregnant but you still take prenatles could you harm your baby if you do become pregnant while im taking them?

It is actually a good idea to take pre-natal vitamins as soon as you start trying to get pregnant. They are designed to nourish the pregnant woman's body and that of her baby, but they also go a long way towards helping you to prepare your body FOR pregnancy, as most of them contain folic acid, w ( Full Answer )

If you take the aboration pill and im 24 weeks what will happen?

Fetal damage and you can bleed to death and the baby can be premature and is now at 6 months viable with around 50% chance of survival. When you come into the hospital they will find the drug in your system and you can end up in prison for this. Abortion is illegal at 24 weeks because the baby is vi ( Full Answer )

Can i be pregnant if im on the pill and have spotting?

depends on how good you are at taking the pill. even if youre constantly taking it there is always a possibility. for some reason these amazing scientists cant produce anything that is 100% effective these days. best to check. its unlikely though. good luck =]

Can a girl get pregnant taking the morning after pill after sex?

Yes. No method of birth control is 100% effective except abstinence. The morning after pill has a very high success rate, but, it's not 100% perfect. It will not protect against STD either. To protect against STD (sexually transmitted disease), there are condoms for men and condoms for women.

What pill can you take after im pregnant 2 weeks?

A medical abortion is available before 9 weeks/63 days. But it's more to it then just take a pill. You need to see a doctor and get examined first. Then the doctor will give you Mifepristone on one visit and 24-48 hours later you come back and he gives you Misoprostol. .