If my employer pays the premium for an insurance policy for me is it taxable?

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Yes, the benefits are taxable.
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What is Return of Premium in an insurance policy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nReturn of Premium (ROP) is a relatively new feature available in Term Life Insurance. The major drawback to Term Insurance is that if you live

What happens to a life insurance policy if you stop paying premiums at age 70?

Answer . \nThere are many different types of life policies. You need to call your insurance company to get the specifics of your policy. Some policies will simply cancel

Can employer pay an individuals premium?

There may be some state regulations that prohibit that. However, under Section 105 of the Revenue Code an employer can establish a Health Reimbursement Arrangement and do that

If mandatory insurance policy is provided through an employer and the insured dies shortly after termination of employment does the policy pay out?

It is going to depend on when the last premium payment was paid, if it was a portable product and how long it really had been after termination. This is because not all polici

Are life insurance procees taxable if the employer paid the premiums?

No.. Life insurance benefits are not eligable for taxation unless the insured passed away without assigning a beneficiary. In this situation the benefits are paid into the de

Are life insurance premiums taxable?

The money you pay in premiums is taxed. This is how they are able to give you a tax-free death benefit.

Can an employer stop paying the premiums for an employees health insurance to cut costs?

In CA, yes. This may jeopardize the entire plan, as the Insurance Companies, generally require the employer to pay at least 50% of the premium. The employer could shop rate

If an Employer pays an insurance stipend is it taxable?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. If it is not taxed, it's a health reimbursement arrangement thatlikely runs afoul of the nondiscrimination rules and ACArequirement tha

Will medical insurance premiums be taxable in 2011?

I assume you mean the premiums paid by your employer as an employee benefit. No, they will not be taxable. The change to the law for 2011 requires that the value of health

Is term life insurance a permanent policy for which you pay a specified premium each year?

Term insurance is NOT permanent! As the name suggests, the policy is designed to protect for a specific term or number of years. Rates are fixed for a certain number of year