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If my torch calls for a 20 pound tank can I use a 15 pound tank?

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How much explosive force is in a 20 pound propane tank?

A propane tank by itself has no explosive force. Propane will only burn when mixed with oxygen. However you can create what they call a BLEVE from a propane tank (boiling liqu

How much does a full 20-pound propane tank weigh?

Liquid Propane There will be a TW on the side of the cylinder this is the tare weight the weight of the cylinder empty. (TW 18.5) would be an 18.5 pound empty cylinder. A ful

What is the operating pressure of a 20-pound propane tank?

As long as their is some liquid propane left inside the vessel the psi will change with the temperature. Makes no difference what size the vessel is, 20lb-1000lb same temperat

Can I replace a 20 pound propane tank with a 15 pound tank?

Yes. Providing that if the 20lb. tank has a hose hook up that the hose will be long enough to reach the shorter 15lb. cylinder's valve. Also the 15lb. cylinder MUST be within