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If my torch calls for a 20 pound tank can I use a 15 pound tank?

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How many gallons of fuel does a 20-pound propane tank hold?

About 4.1 gallons Propane is a gas at standard temperature and pressure. A 20-pound tank holds about 4.1 gallons of liquid propane. It's a liquid in the tank because it's unde

How many gallons of fuel does a 15 pound propane tank hold?

A 15 pound tank has about 3 gallons of propane in it, they don't fill them plum full for safety reasons. The gas has to expand. Or for every 5 pounds you get 1 gallon of propa

How much does a full 20-pound propane tank weigh?

Liquid Propane There will be a TW on the side of the cylinder this is the tare weight the weight of the cylinder empty. (TW 18.5) would be an 18.5 pound empty cylinder. A ful

Can I replace a 20 pound propane tank with a 15 pound tank?

Yes. Providing that if the 20lb. tank has a hose hook up that the hose will be long enough to reach the shorter 15lb. cylinder's valve. Also the 15lb. cylinder MUST be within

How many kilograms in a 20 pound propane tank?

9.07 kilos. The actual conversion of 1 kilogram is equal to 2.204622622 pounds. For everyday use, rounding to 2.2 should be enough. One pound is 0.45359237 kilogram, or 0.45 k

What is 15 percent off 20 pounds?

17 pounds.

What are the dimensions of a 20 pound liquid propane tank?

  the one I have here has a guard ring on top that is 6 7/8 in diameter an 4" tall. the main tank body is 12 1/4 " in diameter and 12 1/2" tall. there is a base ring that

What does WC mean on a 20 pound propane tank?

Answer . The Letters "WC" on a propane tank stand for "Water Capacity", and are followed by a number which would identify the tanks Water Capacity typically measured in lbs