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If your house was burning and you the chance to save two people amongst your dad mum siblings wife husband and children whom would you save?

    I will save the mommy and daddy becaues they can have more chilren     Answer     I'd grab my cats and yell "FOLLOW ME!" to the people.
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If you die and your son owes childsupport can they take your home from the other siblings?

Depending on circumstances, yes. Missouri does that frequently. In one case, the father had been dead two years when his parents were served with papers stating the state had (MORE)
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Your aunt died intestate with one living sibling and the other sibling was your deceased mother. You have three living siblings and one deceased sister. Would her children be heirs of your aunt?

AnswerGenerally, yes. The same rule would apply in each case. You and your siblings inherited your deceased mother's interest and your sister's children would inherit their de (MORE)
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Is one sibling predeceases a parent do their children get half or does the surviving sibling get all the inheritance?

That would depend on either (a) a will, or (b) state laws of intestacy, or (c) both of the above. Generally: A properly drafted will gives instructions in that situation b (MORE)
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Do the children of a deceased sibling inherit when the sibling dies without a will?

Generally, yes. The property passes according to the state laws of intestacy. You can check the laws in your state at the related question link. Generally, yes. The property (MORE)