If peas are not rinsed in disinfectant how would the experiment be different?

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The different about disinfectant to antiseptic?

A disinfectant is used to destroy microorganisms off of any surface. An antiseptic is used to destroy microorganisms off of the skin. So you have to take a little more care in

What is the difference between decontamination and disinfection?

Why rinse split peas?

Split peas will need to be rinsed off before cooking and eatingthem. This is a safety precaution in case of bacteria on thesurface of the peas.

Different types of disinfectant you would use to clean out a guinea pig hutch?

If you want a hutch cleaner that won't be harmful to your guinea pig, you are best off visiting a pet store. They have specific cleaners that you can use that will not affect
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How do antiseptics differ from disinfectants?

The main differences between antiseptics and disinfectants are thatdisinfectants are used primarily to sanitize objects, andantiseptics are used on human skin. They both act a
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How is a disinfectant different than a cleaner?

A disinfectant and a cleaner are the same besides the fact that a disinfectant can supposedly reduce 99% of germs. Which in some way is better then a normal cleaner that reduc