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If supply exceeds demand for a product what economic explanation occers?

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Explain economics relating to Laws of Supply and Demand?

The Law of Supply is a rule stating that more will be offered for sale at high prices than at lower prices. The Law of Demand is a rule stating that more will be demanded at l

How do you solve when demand exceeds supply?

Make or stock more but sell higher until supply meets demand, usually selling at a fair market price will cause higher volumes of sales because more can afford it. Conversely,

What does Talk is cheap supply exceeds demand mean?

Basic Economics lesson. The price of of commodities is based on a relative relationship of supply and demand. P=D/S if you increase supply of a certain commodity, as well as

What is Supply and demand economics?

In economics, supply and demand describes market relationsbetween prospective sellers and buyers of a good. The supply anddemand model determines price and quantity sold i

What products have inelastic supply and inelastic demand?

    Caffeine from coffees and teas. The caffeine is an inelastic supply because there arent many substitutes for caffeine.     --Wayne     Also products