Can a 16-year-old mother get married without parental consent to the father of her child?

Maryland, Florida, Virginia, W.Virginia and New Jersey allow a female minor to marry without parental or guardian permission if she is pregnant or already has a child. Kentuck (MORE)

Can a single mother adopt a child?

Yes, for as long as she is capable of raising a child and without psychological problem as well as cansupport the child basic needs as he/she grows up.

What does a biological mother do to regain custody of a child after consenting to an adoption to the maternal grandparents?

Unless you can show that your consent was given under duress or fraudulently, then you're probably going to have to talk to the current adoptive parents and convince them to w (MORE)

Can the mother place her child for adoption without the consent of the child's legal father?

In the US, no and yes. I believe Utah is the only state where the mother only have the obligation to notify the father of her decision but he can then seek custody and stop th (MORE)