If you're insurance coverd u for 30 days would you still be covered if you've no intention of coming home within 1st 30 days and then bought a single trip cover for rest of trip?

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If you lock up your house and leave on a trip for 30 days or more is your homeowners insurance 'in peril' because the home is 'unoccupied'?

Your policy probably contains a "Vacancy Clause" under Section I - Conditions. This usually refers to an insured moving out of the house and taking some or all of the personal property with him. A 30-day trip should not place your coverage in peril. It would be a very good idea to designate a family (MORE)

If you bought a 60-day travel insurance policy but are staying in a country for 80 days and had an accident 30 days into the trip and need to make a claim are you covered?

\n. \n Insurance coverage \n. \n. \nYou are still within the policy protection period so yes, you are covered as long as the insurance you purchased covered that accident to begin with. It does not matter how long you are staying away, as long as the plicy is in force while you are still tra (MORE)

Does your car insurance end the day you cancel or are you still covered for 30 days?

Answer . The expiration date, or the day you cancel is the official end of insurance coverage.. Answer . \nPeriod. The 30 day "grace" period is a myth.. Answer . If you just let the policy expire by not paying the renewal premium, they will PROBABLY reinstate your coverage retroactive to (MORE)

If you're having what you think is a normal period which comes every 28 to 30 days it is possible that you still don't ovulate?

Answer . \nIf you are not ovulating, you will not get a period. If you get a regular period then you can assume you are ovulating.. Answer . \nSome women will bleed heavily, while others bleed lightly. Some women will bleed heavy the first couple of days and on the 3rd day on dwindle down (MORE)

What should you wear and bring to England on a 30 day trip in march?

In march it can be either warm or cold. So bring something that can be warm or cold. I would recommend some jeans, a thin jumper, a nice scarf and a warm jacket/coat. for shoes just wear some comfortable boots or pumps for when its cold. If its warm bring thin jeans or leggings and a long top. Don`t (MORE)

How can you get a bigger butt within 30 days?

Answer . Dr's James & Jones seriously suggest that you try some old fashioned lunges & squats. Not to mention the butt pads that can be ordered online, that slip into your jeans. They also make jeans that have the butt pads in them, that can also be ordered online or through a catalog. We also su (MORE)

Can you return a car that you bought in Wisconsin to the dealer in 30 days?

A person cannot return a car bought at a Wisconsin dealershipwithin 30 days and ask for a refund. There is a designated processto go through to resolve issues with purchased vehicles inWisconsin. Under the Lemon Laws for the state of Wisconsin there isa form called an MV2338 that must be filed with (MORE)

Does homeowners cover in home day care?

You would have to ask for a rider in order for it to provide coverage. That of course would cost more and you may not be eligable for it. Call and talk to your agent.

If you bought a used car from a franchise dealership and the car has more issues that were brought to your attention can you return it within 30 days?

YES, AND DO!. ans . There is no overall right to return or recind a car purchase contract. Once it is executed/completed it is done. Some dealers may provide the ability to return it as part of their agreement, however they likely have many fee's involved to do so...(as well they should: your (MORE)

Would home insurance cover personal accidents?

If the accident is to a visitor and not to a home resident most Home or Renter's Insurance policies will provide a measure of coverage. Often the policy will contain Medical clause providing a stipulated maximum to be available without a suit. If a guest is injured please call your agent right aw (MORE)

What is covered if i bought home insurance a month ago?

Usually your coverage is the same one month or ten years in. There are some limited exceptions to this so knowing your policy and going over concerns with your agent is very important. In addition, if you do file a claim early on in your policy life expect more scrutiny than if it was a few years ol (MORE)

In Florida can you return a new car within 30 days?

That is all depending on the dealer. Some dealers will tell you up front that you can when they most likely have some type of special running. Also, you would have to bring it back with a certain amount of miles and very minimal or no interior/exterior wear.. hope this helps

Net 30 days means that payment is expected within 30 days after invoice issue date so would it be correct to state Net 10 days if payment is expected within 10 days?

Yes, unless there are other stipulations stated, then it is safe to assume that net 10 days, means the balance is due 10 days after date of invoice. there are a few other ways companies may state this on the invoice. 2n10 net 30 or 2 percent in 10 days net 30 both mean, if the account (MORE)

Where are some day trips in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, one of the most affordable day trips is to take the complementary city tram and explore the sites and attractions at each stop. The Olde Melbourne Goal is great! You'll find a map in the front of the tram with details on what there is to see at each stop. If you enjoying bicycling, (MORE)

If you get travel insurance today will it cover you for your trip in 16 days?

Yes. If you buy travel insurance online and choose to commence the insurance in 16 days time! Obviously with all insurances you have a start date and an end date. Different providers will have different rules but with many you can buy several months before you travel. Some travel insurance provi (MORE)

Can i insure an auto for 30 days?

Yes, unless you are a terrible risk. You might have to pay for 6 months and then cancel your insurance after 30 days, It is unusual to want to insure for just 30 days - talk to a company that has a local agent that you can talk to in person.

Can a state be forced to extadite within 30 days for mistmeaner?

According to the U.S. law regarding extraditing someone in 30 days it'll depend on which state because I know in most states once the 30 day period is over there is a chance that the person being extradited can get out of paying the ticket or court fees and can actually sue the court system for loss (MORE)

How do you write a 30 day intent to leave courtsey notice?

Explain situation in the best terms possible, highlighting your desire to move on as a stepping stone in your life. Thank them for opportunities and act as graciously as possible. add. Never slam a door on departure, for you may wish to enter again some time.

Am I able to rank my site with keywords within 30 days?

Yes you can but there are lot of factors need to be considered. Below are some. Quality website user and seo-friendly design. Strong on-page optimization of the website. Enough quality and unique content with enough web pages. Build enough quality backlinks from off page submission activiti (MORE)

Is there a good day trip for 2 women within 5 hours of Columbus OH?

What is a good day trip for anyone would depend on what they are interested in. Within 5 hours of Columbus you will find anything in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, in Dayton, in Cleveland, in Toledo, Indianapolis, and probably also in Detroit and southeastern Michigan, as well as Columbus, of co (MORE)