If you're insurance coverd u for 30 days would you still be covered if you've no intention of coming home within 1st 30 days and then bought a single trip cover for rest of trip?

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If you lock up your house and leave on a trip for 30 days or more is your homeowners insurance 'in peril' because the home is 'unoccupied'?

Your policy probably contains a "Vacancy Clause" under Section I - Conditions. This usually refers to an insured moving out of the house and taking some or all of the personal

If you bought a 60-day travel insurance policy but are staying in a country for 80 days and had an accident 30 days into the trip and need to make a claim are you covered?

\n. \n Insurance coverage \n. \n. \nYou are still within the policy protection period so yes, you are covered as long as the insurance you purchased covered that accide

Does your car insurance end the day you cancel or are you still covered for 30 days?

Answer . The expiration date, or the day you cancel is the official end of insurance coverage.. Answer . \nPeriod. The 30 day "grace" period is a myth.. Answer . I

If you're having what you think is a normal period which comes every 28 to 30 days it is possible that you still don't ovulate?

Answer . \nIf you are not ovulating, you will not get a period. If you get a regular period then you can assume you are ovulating.. Answer . \nSome women will bleed

What should you wear and bring to England on a 30 day trip in march?

In march it can be either warm or cold. So bring something that can be warm or cold. I would recommend some jeans, a thin jumper, a nice scarf and a warm jacket/coat. for shoe

What is covered if i bought home insurance a month ago?

Usually your coverage is the same one month or ten years in. There are some limited exceptions to this so knowing your policy and going over concerns with your agent is very i

If you get travel insurance today will it cover you for your trip in 16 days?

Yes. If you buy travel insurance online and choose to commence the insurance in 16 days time! Obviously with all insurances you have a start date and an end date. Differen

Can i insure an auto for 30 days?

Yes, unless you are a terrible risk. You might have to pay for 6 months and then cancel your insurance after 30 days, It is unusual to want to insure for just 30 days - talk t