HELP Mother is putting up your son for adoption in the state of Oregon you tried finding the putative father registry but the number you found on various sites is invalid How do you stop this adoption?

Call the department of human resources and see what they can do. Or if you know where the father lives you can put a ad in the newspaper there telling him or his family that t (MORE)

Can mentally ill people adopt?

There are many conditions known as mental illness such as Tourette's and learning disorders so it depends on what it is and how the person is handling it. Some are crippling a (MORE)

Can a 16 yr old see their biological father even though he gave you up and the people that adopted you don't want you to?

Possibly, but your best bet is to work your your adoptive parents and convince them to allow you to visit with him. Work with your parents to find some way that they will agre (MORE)