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If you are exercising in your target fitness zone you are between your threshold of training and your?

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What is Target fitness zone definition please?

  It's usually computed as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, which in turn is a function of your age. Subtract your age from 220 to find your maximum heart rate.

What is the relation between lactate threshold and ventilatory threshold?

They both are reached are approx the same time, it is thought to be that the large change (drop) in blood pH when the lactate threshold is reached is causes ventilation to inc

What is a target Zone?

Target zone depends on what you are talking about. For exercise you want your heart rate to be about 120- 170 and that is the target zone. Certain exercises have target zones

What is the relationship between physical fitness and exercise?

Exercise should be in accordance with ones age, health and physical capabilities. Inadequate exercise = low fitness; sufficient regular exercise (4 to 5 times/ week) = good fi