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How do you add a non-owned car insurance option to a car insurance policy in the USA?

From a retired California Insurance Broker. The question is not clear as to the issue. When you have a US car insurance policy and you drive a car not owned by the policy hold (MORE)

If a car has only storage insurance on it and someone else drives it can the person who has the insurance policy be held responsible and will it affect that person's insurance?

I'm assuming that "someone else" had an accident while driving this un-insured car, and that person should be held responsibility. However, if they have no assets, responsibi (MORE)

If you are taken off your parents insurance policy along with your car does that drop all the points on the insurance that you've accrued on that policy in New Jersey?

Answer   No, your points are not affected by the company, but by your driving record alone.   Answer   The claims history of that policy will remain. But the pare (MORE)

If you have your own auto insurance policy for a different car will you be covered if you drive a car not on your policy?

If the vehicle not listed on the policy is a new car that you have recently purchased, you generally have 30 to notify your insurance company of the change. If the vehicle you (MORE)

Does your name have to appear on your husbands car insurance policy I have my own car insurance for my car?

In most states, a spouse is automatically considered a 'second named insured' whether their name is on the policy or not. But you are likely paying more for auto insurance i (MORE)