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If you break apart the term Lycanthropic Culture Shock into parts what is it describing?

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What is a lycanthrope?

The noun lycanthrope is another word for werewolf,  or a person believed to be a werewolf.

What is a lycanthrop?

A werewolf I am not going to delete the above answer, but I will improve it. A Lycanthrope can be many things. But to me, A Lycanthrope is a person who has advanced (under for

What are lycanthrope?

Lycanthrope is a delusion where one imagines oneself to be a wild  animal, such as a wolf.

What term identifies a reaction that breaks apart marcromolecules?

A lysis, though this term if prefered for cells destruction. For a molecule, you precise the kind of reaction : if the reaction imply water, it's an hydrolysis (for macromolec