If you do a background check can the person find out you did a background check on them?

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You do not need consent from the person you are conducting a background check on, unless it is for employment purposes. - added 01.03.2010

You have to get a person's permission to perform a background check. Most would assume that if you wanted the permission and got it, that you had then done the check. The details of any such check are also sent to the person being checked.


When using public records for personal purposes (dating, finding about your ex, etc.) they do not need to know provided you are not using public records to hire, rent or extend credit to this person based upon their background check results. Nor is it really traceable.

There is something called The Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB) that governs this type of public records information gathering for personal use only. This is still a gray area though where some privacy concerns are to be respected.

If the background check is being used for hiring, rental, credit extension and so forth, then you do have to get signed permission and provide them copy of report. Look up the Fair Credit Report Act for tons of info.
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