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If you drop a yellow hat in the red sea what does it become?

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Which sea does not exist black yellow blue or red?

The Red Sea is on the border of Egypt, Israel and Jordan The Yellow Sea is an extensionof the Pacific Ocean between the Chinese mainland and the Korean. It is linked with th

Which sea does not exist red blue or yellow?

There is no Blue Sea, although of course the phrase is used  informally to refer to the ocean.    The Red Sea is between Israel and Jordan.   The Yellow Sea is bet

Why is the Black Sea named black the Yellow Sea as yellow and the Red Sea as red?

  Because the Mediterranian is relatively clear, and the Black Sea runs into it (via the Aegean Sea, just another name, it's still part of the Mediterranian Sea); the Blac

Which seas does not exist-Black Yellow Blue or Red?

The Black Sea is an inland sea bounded by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus. There is no such thing as the Yellow, Red or Blue Sea. However, the sea can be called the 'Blue