If you have a 3.0 GPA a 30 on the act and a 2000 on the sat is it possible for you to get a scholarship from the us air force rotc and your physical ability is very well?

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What sat score will get you in Michigan university if you have a 3.0 GPA?

its not really about the SAT but more the ACT and u would pretty much need to own it to get into Michigan with a 3.0. however, the ACT is last on what colleges consider. they

What good psychology schools close to the east coast can you get into with a 3.2 GPA 2020 sat and 30 act?

I know Penn State main campus has a great psych program and Michigan (sp?) state has a good one too according to my counselor. and that's a really good sat score so I'm pretty

Air force pilot come through rotc?

You can become an Air Force pilot through the AFROTC program. The commitment for a pilot is ten years, in contrast to the normal four year commitment.

Is the SAT or ACT required to get scholarships?

There are many types of scholarships available to students. Some are in-house scholarships, while others come from outside of the college or university, and many of them are n

What SAT scores and GPA are usually required to get a scholarship?

\nUsually a 28-32 on the ACT and a 1300 or higher on the SAT are expected to gain acceptance to scholarship programs for major universities. As for GPAs it depends. Usually mo