If you have a B and you get a C on a quiz what is your grade?

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It depends on the points the quiz is worth but it shouldn't make much difference. B

If you have a c in a class but got an A on a quiz then what's your final grade?

Your final grade would depend on how the teacher grades. For example, how many points is the quiz? How many points are possible for the semester? What are the weights for home

A grade equals B grade equals C grade equals D grades equals?

On a college or university level, it's not that simple. I would have to know not only the grade, but how many credits each course was. The grade point average is calculate by

Can you have a quiz that is not graded in Biggyan Cloud eLearning?

This is not a common requirement, so it may not work perfectly, but you can get close: On the quiz editing page, set the score for each question, and the total score for the q