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If you have a B and you get a C on a quiz what is your grade?

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What is the value of a grade B?

The numerical value of a grade of B is 3.0 where an A is the highest value (4.0) and an F being the lowest (0.0). When people are graded on a 1-100 point scale, B is usually

What are b grade sneakers?

    They are sneakers that have some type of flaw or defect that came from the factory. They aren't fake but a mistake was made. They are not Variants though.

Why do teachers grade a b c d f instead of a b c d e?

The letter E often stands for Excellent. To prevent confusion, they used the letter Ffwhich stands for Fail. It has nothing to do with the fact that the letter F comes directl

Is a B a bad grade?

I would say it is a pretty good grade. Firstly, getting an "A" means that you're really good and you know more than what you need to know, and that is really good. But getti
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How you watch b grade movie?

  Well it's simple really.     Setup a home entertainment system.     Switch the Television to the channel/line which you set your VCR/DVD player.