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If you have a disabled child you have a 3 bedroom section 8 voucher how can you change it to a 4 bedroom section 8 voucher?

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Your section 8 voucher is for a 3 bedroom how can you change it to a 4 bedroom voucher?

Your voucher has been set for the number of bedrooms you qualify for, nothing more. They set this according to the size of your household. Boys and girls may have separate bed

Can your 4 bedroom section 8 voucher be used for a 3 bedroom house?

Are you trying to buy the home (house)? If so you can turn yourvoucher into a homeownership program voucher (see your case managerabout this). You will still qualify for a 4-b

How much is a 2 bedroom section 8 voucher worth?

  It's a little complicated.   The rules for section 8 set a limit to the rent that can be charged by the landlord. This depends on where the apartment is and what is p

Can you rent a 2 bedroom unit with a 1 bedroom section 8 voucher?

Yes, but only if the rent amount is going to be the same or less than the payment standards for a one bedroom apartment, and then only if the Housing Authority determines you

Can you get a 3 bedroom with a 2 bedroom sec 8 voucher?

Generally, your voucher is for the dwelling of the number of bedrooms specified on it. So the payment standard set by the Housing Authority is going to be based on the number

Can you get a 4 bedroom with a 3 bedroom section 8 voucher?

A section 8 voucher is rental assistance. If you are looking for a 4 bedroom house but you only have a 3 bedroom voucher found a place that has a room that isnÕt considered a

How many bedrooms will you get in a section 8 voucher for 2 adults and 1 child?

If the two adults are a married couple they will get one bedroom. The child gets his own bedroom. If the adults are family members of two different generations, one being elde

How much is a 3 bedroom voucher worth from section 8?

You cannot place a monetary value on housing choice voucher. The bedroom size goes according to what the family qualifies for. The value of this varies according to the jurisd