Do you need iPhone plan to have an iPhone?

The iPhone is only available for AT&T and yes, there is an iPhone-specific data plan that is required. iPhone's that have been "unlocked" can be used with other carriers suc (MORE)

Do you have to have a plan with the iPhone?

Yes, any phone as you may know needs a plan. There is a way so you don't have to go through AT&T though (if you live in the USA) If you want to get an iPhone but don't want (MORE)

What are the plans for the iPhone?

My iPhone plan is with At&t. They are a bit more pricier than other service providers. I am currently paying about $80 dollars total for 450 minutes, 1000 text messages, and 2 (MORE)

Letter format for change in tariff plans of existing nos?

DATE : 9 / 05 / 2013 From, Jeki Rajanikant Shah 14 / 531 Abhinav Shayadri, D.N. Nagar, Nr. Shiv Sena Shakha, Andheri (W), Mumbai : 400 053. Dear Sir/Madam, Subject (MORE)