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If you get a used iPhone that has been activated can you put your sim card in it and it work?

The answer is that it depends. It depends on who the phone company was that sold the phone and what sim card you are trying to put in. It can get a little complicated because (MORE)

Does koodo sim cards work on telus phones?

Nope unless the phone is unlocked... This can be done by purchasing unlock codes from any commercial vendors online like And you can have a look up at th (MORE)

Would a rogers sim card work in a telus phone?

You can convert rogers to telus by unlocking the phone to telus..  you can do that using codes that can be purchased from any  commercial vendors online like fo (MORE)

How do you put your sim card in a iPhone 5?

On the right side of your iPhone you will see an area with a black  hole. Put sometime small into the whole like a paperclip. It will  pop open. Now insert your SIM card.
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