If your commercial policy on business vehicles is cancelled for a DUI where can you find coverage for other drivers of your vehicles?

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If your teen gets a DUI and is a driver on your policy will they cancel you?

Answer . No they won't cancel you, but there will be a surcharge added, and the best thing that they could do to ensure your coverage is to ask for your teen to be "EXCLUDE

Why does minimum coverage for a 93 Saturn SC2 cost 12 times as much as the other 2 vehicles on an insurance policy when you drive it the least?

Answer . Check with other insurance companies to see if the rates would be any different. It might be related to the primary driver being under a certain age, it might be a

In a Full Coverage Vehicle insurance policy what is the collision coverage?

Answer . The collision coverage specifically covers the repairs to your vehicle, regardless of fault.. If you are at fault for instance, your car would be repaired, but yo

Can Person Injury Protection coverage be denied to the passenger if the driver of the vehicle was an excluded under the policy?

Answer . The passenger must first look to his or her own PIP (or no-fault) coverage for medical/wage loss/replacement services coverage. If the passenger does not have in

Your uncle was driving a vehicle that is in your name and was in an accident The other driver hit him He has no insurance on the vehicle although he bought it from me. My policy is expired?

The driver who caused the accident is at fault. However, since that person has no insurance, you would have to sue them in court for damages. Chances are if they have no money

Why do you have to carry commercial coverage on your vehicle when your employer has an umbrella policy even if you are reimbursed for milelage?

If you are using your personal auto in the course of business/in the course of employment, then you need to contact your insurance company. The reason for this is that the veh

Does the driver carry the coverage on a vehicle or is it the car?

Automobile Insurance follows the vehicle....not the driver. This said, in some cases, accidents can result in litigation in which the driver's insurance policy can also have a

Can you cancel A vehicle in policy?

Sure you can. If you sell a vehicle or it is no longer operable for whatever reason you can delete the vehicle from the policy. You just contact your agent or company and they