What is Charles' Law?

The volume of a given mass of gas at a constant pressure varies directly with its temperature. This means that, at constant pressures, the volume of a given mass of an ideal g (MORE)

What is importance of law in society?

society changes as the technology advances itself.Every change confuses the members of society.The lots of dilemma come in mind and every person feel anxiety to overcome it. H (MORE)

Why is law important for a society?

Law is important for a society for it serves as a norm of conductfor men if these would break through the law that was being passedis ineffective. It was also made for the pro (MORE)

What is the importance of law in achieving peaceful society?

In every violations we did, there is a punishment. But in every good things we did, we receive nothing from the law except that we are entitled as 'Innocent'. The importance o (MORE)
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Which are the most important laws in society?

The most important laws in society are those that come from a country's constitution. These laws change depending on what part of the world one finds themselves in. A democrat (MORE)