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In 313 CEO Constantine the great issued the edict of Milan hat effect did this law have?

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What effect did the edict of Milan have?

It was a proclamation that basically said that Christians should  not be persecuted. The effect, theoretically, allowed Christianity  to grow and flourish more than it may h

How did Constantine and Licinius benefit from the Edict of Milan?

Constantine may have had several motivations. Some suggest he had a conversion experience in 312 while fighting Maxentius -- the story goes that he looked into the sky before

Emperor established the Edict of Milan in 313?

The Edict of Milan marked a dramatic change in the way Christians  were treated in the Roman Empire. They would now be tolerated  instead of persecuted. They would be compen
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What were 3 achievements of Constantine the Great. I know the edict of milan and Constantinople are two but what is the third?

The other great achievemnt of Constsantine I (or the Great) was his victories in two civil wars. The first was against Maxentius, a usurper emperor in Rome. This made him seni